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One-on-one or semi-private language instruction 

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Structured language lessons with various creative exercises

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Language sessions to help you overcome any barriers to fluency

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Lots of practice in a supportive environment

Message from Angélique Glennon

I am Angélique Glennon, an empowered and inspired teacher who can transform your ability to speak Spanish or French like a native.

I have 20 years of experience in private instruction of French and Spanish at all levels for all ages. My instruction includes conversation, writing, pronunciation, and a study of culture related to the language. I want to ensure you have a deep level of understanding of the language and all its nuances which will help you become a more fluent speaker.


What others say...

I had a few inspiring teachers from the past. Never thought that I’d be so fortunate to have met Angélique outside of school! I started French lessons with Angélique in March 2015, just simply loved her teaching style and course curriculum. She is a perfectionist, which applies to our benefits, especially as a beginner. Her focuses on pronunciation, grammar and conversation are effective. Building a solid foundation of French language is crucial to me, and Angélique rocks in this area! She loves her language with passion and respect. She cares a great deal about her students and her rate is reasonable, definitely worth the quality. She also teaches Spanish! Look no further if you are serious about learning French!

– Ratatouille B.

Learning French with Angelique is such a pleasure. She is not only experienced, observant and patient as a teacher, but also such a bright light as a person. You will have so much fun taking classes with her! I am about finished with the beginner’s French syllabus, and look forward to continuing my studies with her.

You get a great balance of oral/reading comprehension and grammar/writing exercises, as well as fun surprises I won’t give away! While her curriculum is thorough, Angelique is also at ease with straying from the outline to fit my needs. Moreover, she puts in great effort to answer my questions and put a cultural spin on the material. Enrich your experience by asking tons of questions!

-Andrea W.

“I am in the healthcare field and always wanted to speak to my Spanish patients without a translator. Since starting my lessons with Angelique, I have been growing confidence in my ability to communicate in Spanish. The things that make her unique include:

-One-on-one lessons (tailored to your ability, interest, and provides quick feedback)

-Flexible hours (fits in your schedule)

-Fun (she is very encouraging and patient)

If your goal is to learn a second language, I highly recommend Speak It Like A Native with Angelique. Thank you!!”

– Nina, Santa Monica, CA

Angelique is a terrific teacher for the Spanish language. Her technique is unique and very easy to comprehend. I have never been bored with Angelique and I found that she genuinely cares about my progresses in Spanish. She also introduced me to the Spanish culture. My lessons with Angelique helped me be at ease with speaking Spanish with natives. I love you, Angelique!

-Paulette, Tujunga, CA


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