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Learning French

As a French teacher since 1998, I am committed to teaching you French effectively and proficiently. French is an important language. It’s the third most used language on the Internet (ahead of Spanish) and it is spoken by 200 million people across the five continents. I will show you how to immerse yourself in the French culture through the exploration of the language first and foremost but also the country’s fine cuisine, fashion, theatre, visual arts, dance, architecture, literature, and poetry.

As my native country, France is the world’s top tourist destination with 75 million visitors a year. If you are planning a trip there, I can provide you with the tools to make your adventure a lot more enjoyable, safe, fun and interesting. You will gain an understanding of the culture, mentality and daily way of life of the French people when you study with me.

Learning to speak French is not only fun and entertaining, it can increase your creativity and analytical abilities. The complexity of French will expand your mind to be sharper and smarter, your critical thinking will develop to its optimal potential enabling you to be more powerful. It is a tool and a model for learning other languages and you will notice your English improving.

Though French is a beautiful, rich, melodious language, it is also an analytical language that structures thought and develops critical thinking, which is a valuable skill for discussions and negotiations. What an advantage in the international job market! If you need to learn French for business, I am experienced in teaching in this domain as well.

If you are interested transforming your life, I can help you achieve it through French!

I teach French in private and semi-private settings because it is the fastest and most ideal way to learn. Really learning a language requires a solo class or a small group of people because you have to repeat words and phrases within a limited amount of class time. Hearing other people’s mistakes doesn’t benefit you…