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Santa Monica Language Instruction – Testimonials


“Angelique keeps the lessons fun and interesting. I learn something new during each appointment. She is good at tailoring subjects lessons to your level and interests. She is very patient and has a great energy level.”

– Stephanie

“I am taking both French and Spanish with Angelique and she is a wonderful teacher! She is very passionate about languages and cares a lot about your learning. Her teaching style is structured in that you will get homework, writing and reading materials, grammar, etc. But she is very flexible because she tailors the lessons to your need and how fast you are able to learn. She keeps things fun so you always want to learn. I have taken many group classes and I can definitely say I have learned the most and fastest doing one-on-one with Angelique. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning a language.”

-Yvonne, Los Angeles

“I am in the healthcare field and always wanted to speak to my Spanish patients without a translator. Since starting my lessons with Angelique, I have been growing confidence in my ability to communicate in Spanish. The things that make her unique include:

-One-on-one lessons (tailored to your ability, interest, and provides quick feedback)

-Flexible hours (fits in your schedule)

-Fun (she is very encouraging and patient)

If your goal is to learn a second language, I highly recommend Speak It Like A Native with Angelique. Thank you!!”

– Nina, Santa Monica, CA

“My goal is to learn French fluently. I’ve always found that I get a little lost or behind in the classroom, so I thought I’d give private lessons a try. I found Angelique (a native of France) and have been taking lessons with her for about 5 months now. Her method of teaching isn’t like any other I’ve ever seen. It’s so much easier to understand when she teaches. We learn something new in every class, so it keeps me motivated. Her patience and ability to break things down for me to understand is amazing. Plus her beautiful French accent is quite inspiring, I can’t wait to sound like that 🙂 Give her a try, you will love her!”

– Daniella, Redondo Beach

“I have been studying Spanish with Angelique for several months. Our lessons are always interesting because we do a variety of things each week. Angelique is able to tailor the pace of the lessons to match my individual needs.  I enjoy our lessons and definitely feel that my Spanish has improved dramatically. I would highly recommend Angelique!”

-Dayna, Westwood – Los Angeles

“Angelique is a terrific teacher for the Spanish language.  Her technique is unique and very easy to comprehend.  I have never been bored with Angelique and I found that she genuinely cares about my progresses in Spanish.  She also introduced me to the Spanish culture.  My lessons with Angelique helped me be at ease with speaking Spanish with natives. I love you, Angelique!”

Paulette K.

“Speak It Like A Native is like no other language class I’ve taken before — it’s fun! Angelique is an excellent  teacher and makes the French language come alive  for me with her fantastic cultural insights. I highly recommend  Speak It Like A Native,  whether  you’re  learning  for travel or just to enrich your life. It’s worth every minute.”

Lorna, Hancock Park