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Learning Spanish

I learned to speak Spanish at the age of 14 and have visited Spain each week for many years. I began teaching Spanish in 2008. I love teaching because it’s fun!

Spanish is spoken by an estimated 350 million people around the world. It is a relatively easy language to learn and here in the US, you have multiple opportunities to practice it.

I will show you how to learn effectively and quickly. Most people can even begin a conversation after just a few classes. Learning to speak Spanish will expand your universe, transform your travel experience, improve your mental abilities and memory, sharpen your critical thinking and stimulate your creativity. You will also gain an appreciation of the Hispanic culture. And, it is so much fun to learn and begin to converse!

Spanish can enhance give your career because it improves communication and language skills plus raises your cultural awareness. The Hispanic community will increase by 24 percent in the US within the next 30 years so bi-lingual skills are a valuable tool. It definitely provides a competitive edge and a cultural advantage.