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Top Santa Monica French Instructor Angelique Glennon


Welcome to the world of freedom.

Bonjour and Hola.

I’m Angelique Glennon. I teach two beautiful languages – French & Spanish. And I firmly believe learning these languages with me will change your life.

You will experience the joy. The waves of freedom will engulf you.

We see the world through our words. My love for teaching started in a small town of France. It’s simple, you know. I love to teach because I love to learn. And to be real honest, I just love life. I want to embrace all of it. There will never be enough time for me to create all that I want. I noticed very early in my life that we live our lives through language. So if I would learn a new language, I would see more things – it feels like I’m more than one person having more than one life. Here is an example that shows how words are important. There is a tribe in this world that doesn’t have a word color “brown” in their language. So they do not see the color brown. They have to use other words such as “orange” if the color is light brown, or “black” if dark brown. They don’t have the word, so they do not see it. The words give you your world.

I heard different languages since I was very young. My brother and my sister live in South Africa. They don’t speak French. My mother would read me the letters they sent us in English and would patiently translate them. Very young, I got the awareness that there are different languages, cultures, races, that each is unique and a gift to the world and to life. I was fortunate. My parents exposed me to multiple cultures. It made me a citizen of the world and looking at everything with the mindset of the big picture.

At 6, I heard a very distinct voice in my mind (in French). It said “One day, you are going to live in a country that speaks English and you will speak English ALL DAY”. I didn’t even speak English yet! By age 12, I heard the voice again. “You are going to teach languages when you are grown. At 15, I heard: “You will move to America”. And finally at 25, I met an American man that stole me from France and I came to this wonderful country that is the United States. I “officially” learned English at 12 and Spanish at 14. I enjoyed the process of learning and had my struggles. I always kept the connection to whatever I was doing.

My background is in Foreign language and law. I teach you the elected language in all its aspects – pronunciation, reading, conversation, understanding, being understood, culture, spelling, grammar, writing, development of self-expression, expressions, poetry, literature, learning how to learn. I believe in being well rounded, (opposed to being trained in one area) so I am also a 2 and 3 dimensional artist (you can see my artwork here:, I was a bodybuilder for my own satisfaction for 16 years (no contests), I’m a trained coach (so I am able to empower you, free you up from any obstacles, so you develop self-expression). I love writing programs for my students. I use my creativity to teach you the languages. The process of learning the language can be compared to painting with 2 colors at first (meaning making sentences with few words and few concepts). As you progress, you are given more colors to paint (more concepts and words) and your painting (your sentences) can be more and more complex and beautiful.

Year round, I am an ambassador to my students traveling around the world using the languages I teach them. I am very grateful to people for trusting me year after year to joyfully and accurately transmit knowledge to them. I believe in power of learning a new language. It’s intoxicating. It brings you a new perspective.

You will feel the ultimate freedom. Let the joy of learning empower you.

My teaching technique will generate tremendous synergy. You will love
learning. My methods are:

  • Structured instruction with twist of creativity
  • Make fear, embarrassment, anxiety or anything that is in the way go away
  • Develop your own expression in the language
  • Acquire tools to access when needed to make learning easier
  • Discover new you
  • Help you feel the freedom

Learn with me and it cause a breakthrough in your life. Feel the freedom and explore what’s possible.

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